Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Projects of 2009 Party

Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality did the most wonderful post about the projects she did around her house in 2009.  She had 10 to post, however, she probably could have done 50.  So ambitious and creative! While I don't have that many, I thought I'd share what we did do.  

1.  Master Bedroom

This is a room that we actually just finished and I haven't done a post about yet.  I think I may do a separate post in a couple days showing more of what we did.  I don't have any before pictures but you can see the color of the walls in this picture from when we were redoing the master bath.
Before Color:


Like I said, check back in a week or so to see more pics of all the projects we did. I'm going to do a bit about repainting laminate furniture. For a little run-down though we painted, made a headboard, added new bedding, bought a new dresser, added a new picture from the Ann Arbor Art Fair, added window treatments, and redid some end tables.

2.  Headboard

Here is a pick of the headboard that we made out of a door for the Master Bedroom.  We didn't have one before.  I really like the headboard because it's attached to the wall and my only cost $22!

3.  Guest Bath

You can see the official post that I did about it here, but this will give you an idea of what happened in this room.

As you can see, there were wood floors in the bathroom....Who knows. 


We replaced the wood floor with a dark slate tile, that you can see in the link above.  We also framed the mirrors out in white, painted the walls grey, and added some accessories.  The candle sticks are gone now and have a new home in our bedroom :)

4.  Powder Room

This is one of the rooms I don't have a before picture for.  It used to be a very deep red.  There was also no mirror on the wall and no blinds.  


Obviously, this still has some left over Christmas decorations :) However, we painted, added a mirror, wood blinds, and did a wall of fabric panels.

5.  Spice/Paper Closets

Oddly enough, this is probably one of my favorite things I did this year. Moving the spices freed up so much much space in my kitchen cabinets. I love the paper door too because now I don't have so much floating around the rest of the house.  I painted each door panel with many coats of magnetic paint and put the spices in magnetic jars.  Voila!

6.  Kitchen Sink before picture.  It used to be a stainless sink that was VERY shallow and had a standard faucet.  I'm so glad we replaced this so I don't give myself a shower every time I wash something other than a fork!

7.  China Cabinet

As for the common theme, there is also no before pictures of this.  I would kill for some though, because this was honestly so much work!  It used to be a light (ugly) brown that was really dull and bland.  The panels on the front were more than not fun to paint :)  I also added some new pulls to the doors.  

8.  Master Bath

This is another re-do that some of you may have seen before here.  These are some peeks of what we did:

The wall color was a burnt orange, there were molding wood floors (gross!), and again just pull-down blinds.


We painted the walls a very light blue, changed to small octagonal tiles, added wood blinds, and accessories.

9.  I'm tired.

10.  I'm going to take a nap.

Now go check out some more projects at Rhoda's blog here!!

Have a great day!!


  1. It looks like you had a busy year & a lot of great projects. I love that headboard.

  2. Wow, Ashley, I'm really impressed with all you did last year! THose are all great projects. OK, I love the door headboard, genius! And the green bathroom is so cute. And I have never seen magnetic spice bottles, that's a great idea & they look decorative too. THanks for joining the party!

  3. everything looks beautiful! i especially love the master bath, gorgeous!

  4. i mean guest bath ;) and master paint color!

  5. Wow , you did a wonderful Job and I love those clear candles.

  6. You did very nice job on all your projects. Looks like you got a lot accomplished!That light blue bath with the new floors is really pretty.
    I love it when the to-do list gets shorter, don't you? But, honestly, when does that ever happen?! I just keep adding things to the bottom of mine...ah well there's always this year to finish it all.
    I hope you'll stop by sometime - check out my few projects and visit for awhile!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  7. You need to give yourself more credit. You got a lot accomplished and did it wonderfully! I am amazed at how much difference a little paint makes. The headboard is so creative! You are very talented.

  8. Wow! You had a very busy year. The fabric panel display on your powder room wall is my fav! I love it. I have my spices in those magnetic jars as well. Here is my problem: I CANNOT get labels to stay on them. How did you do it?

  9. You really did get a lot done! I've never seen anything like the spice board before. Great idea!

    Now go take your nap, you deserve it ;)


  10. Keep posting!! I love all of your recipes and ideas!!

  11. Amazing! I love all the prints you have, did you make those also? The colors in all the rooms are fantastic. I can't believe you did all those projects last year!

  12. Wow you guys were super busy in 2009! I love that spice rack. I need something like that.

  13. what beautiful work! I love the browns and blues together -- they are my favorite. I'm looking forward to one day having a house to decorate :)

  14. You have a beautiful home, and have made some really nice improvements!
    I recognized you from your comments on Lucy's Life; I'm sorry that I had never clicked over here before. I see from your profile that you live in Western Michigan. We love to go to the beach in New that near you?

  15. Oh, and where did you get the spice containers? I have similar ones from Ikea, but they are much larger than yours appear to be.

  16. LOVE that AWESOME headboard...only $22...WOW!!!
    You have been one busy all looks outstanding! have a new follower:)


  17. Do you remember the name of the paint you did your bedroom in? It's the kind of blue I have been looking for, my laundry room NEEDS it! The green bathroom is stunning too... do you remember which paint that was too?

  18. Great projects! I love the spice/message door! Great idea!

  19. I love your afters! What a great job!

  20. I love the headboard! I would love to know how to make that? Do you have a tutorial on how it is made?


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