Thursday, January 28, 2010

My husband says I'm weird...

I've always had an aversion to eating breakfast foods.  Occasionally, I do get wild and crazy and I'll have an egg or two at home.  Mostly, I'll just eat it if we go out.  I do love Sunshine Skillets from Bob Evans once and a while.
But then I screw things up by ordering this to go with it.

Yep.  That's a salad.  I like to have a tossed salad with my breakfast when we go out.  It has nothing to do with healthyness or anything.  I just like them with breakfast.

I used to eat rice for in the morning as a child and my mom couldn't handle it.  So, she created a recipe for me with rice, scrambled egg, and sausage.  I loved it. Especially with soy sauce on top. Sometimes I didn't eat the egg though, and that really irritated her. 

Then there are days at home when I think I should eat something healthy for breakfast.  So I choose Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal.  But...then I regress and put parmesan cheese and black pepper on it instead of butter and brown sugar.

My husband says this is very weird.  He actually kind of gagged.  I think it's great. Maybe when we have kids they'll grow up to love oatmeal with parmesan cheese and brown sugar.  Now, that's even too odd for me...


  1. Haha you are pretty odd. But I'm also pretty sure that I have some strange food habits as well. Really it just seems like you like savory better than sweet!

  2. Whatever makes you happy, I have been having breakfast for dinner all my life!!!!

  3. Hilarious !! Taste is such an individual phenomenon !!

    I answered your questions on my muffin post ...


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