Thursday, March 11, 2010


Oh my I have had a busy couple of weeks.  No excuse for not blogging...but whew I'm tired.  

First, just as we were getting quotes to finish our basement (can we say expensive), the person who was upstairs fixing our washing machine told us that we would be needing a new washer. Fantastic! As I said, our washer and dryer our this closet:

Now, this is kind of nice because I don't have to go very far to hang up clothes, fold, etc.  I also kind of like that there is no laundry "room". For procrastinators such as myself, it forces me to put the stuff away. But and I say this with a big BUT, the problem is what do you do if it breaks? Well.  Let me tell you.  You need to have two people and one who can perform this move:

Except with a dryer.  Then the other guy climbs under and hooks up the washer.  It costs like $300 just to have it looked at.  Oh and forget about cleaning.  Tried that.  You end up disconnecting the dryer vent and then you have to pay $300.  

Now that the washer is broke we thought maybe we should just put it in the basement.  Well there is no hookup.  Of course.  So, next Tuesday they're jackhammering the floor and putting in a hookup.  Fun stuff.

Which brings me to my question of: Can anyone recommend they're washer and dryer? I'm just not sure if it's worth spending a lot to get a new fancy one.  But then I don't want to be buying another in 5 years.  So maybe it is? 

On the up side, last weekend was my birthday.  I'm the big 25 now, so I can officially rent a car!!!! I think I'm going to buy a new camera with some of the money I got.  I also got these lovely flowers:

Bring on the washer dryer suggestions!!!