Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just call me Longfellow

Today I'm doing a writing assignment from Mama Kat. I chose to write a poem about the 7th picture I took last January, because I'm an amazing poet. It just so happens that I made this gorgeous cake for my first Wilton cake decorating class.  I shudder when I see the hideous beauty that is this cake.  Between the cake and my poem, I'm sure to sweep the blog world by storm. Without further ado, here's the masterpiece:

Thugs Like Cakes

This is my cake.
It's so good it looks fake.
It makes boys in the hood shake,
Because it's as beautiful as a lake.
They'd protect the bird with their lives,
to ensure it didn't break.
They'd want to take it to their mother,
Or share it with their brother.
They'd sit and admire it's glory.
It'd go down in family stories.  
It would make gangs dissipate,
and get rid of the hate.
My cake.

Word to your mother.


  1. I don't think that your poem is horrible, its funny and cute!!! I used to work at Joann Fabrics and we got to eat the cakes from the Wilton classes :)

  2. thanks for the laugh and cute cake. Girl, you got talent! Word to the mother ..

  3. Aw! I love your poem! That cake looks good too. I took the first class last month. I want to take the second but couldn't work it out this month. Maybe next...

  4. Your cake is beautiful, you did a fantastic job!

    Your poem is very cute...very fun post!

  5. Cute poem! And great job with your cake :)

  6. Hi Ashley, Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. I think you poem is cute, and hey your cake looks good and edible to me! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Both the poem and the cake are amazing! I am incredibly impressed. You are awesome. Seriously.


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