Friday, January 29, 2010

Prisoners Dancing Video

I got this in an email yesterday and thought it was great :)  I don't know how I feel about money being spent to teach prisoner's how to dance/taping/t-shirts, however, I do think it is a really positive activity.  Also, for all I know everything could have been donated.  The discipline and training that this must have required is amazing!  All in all, I think it's pretty cool!

What do you think?


  1. i agree with you. but i guess they can be dance instructors when they get out of the slammer!

  2. Last year in a class I took on Shakespeare I learned about this program that had longterm sentence prisoners learn about Shakespeare's plays and spend a year putting them on. It really taught them a lot about empathy and soul searching since they really got into the psychology of the characters. I think it also made them feel cultured and like part of the real world to do it, which did them a lot of good when they got out of jail.

    So yeah. Part of me feels like this is kind of a waste but the other part wonders about its long term benefits. Who knows...

  3. Wow- that must have been fun to orchestrate.

  4. Wow! This was really good. I'm impressed. Great way to keep them busy, even if it probably cost a lot.


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