Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Embarrassed

Yesterday I heard that Guiding Light on CBS was being cancelled.  I've watched that show on and off for years.  However, recently we got DVR and I have been recording and watching. Off topic, DVR is great!  I love not having to watch commercials.  Back to my nonsense,  I have once again became addicted!  Yesterday when I found out it was being cancelled I was so sad.  I mean, this is rediculous that I feel that way, it's a show.  But I was still super disappointed.  The last show is in September, and I'm sure I'll watch it until then but I hope they don't make it really depressing.  I'm already depressed enough.  I really can't even believe I'm writing this.  I should go find a new hobby just for posting this.  Here's a picture of Reva and Josh.  They better get back together before it's over.  That's all I'm saying.  


  1. I love love love my DVR. I can't live without it. I watch NOTHING live anymore....

  2. I used to watch Guiding Light when I was a teenager. By the time I was in my 20's I had stopped watching it.
    Maybe they can find live on the Internet.

  3. My mom watched the entire cbs soap line-up when I was a kid. While at home with my kids...I began to watch and was able to catch up quick! I've been watching on and off over the years and agree with you...Josh and Reva need to be together!!! I'm a Y&R junkie...they show it on soapnet! WooHoo!
    I need to look into a DVR!

  4. I'm actually embarrassed for you. Really. Soap operas??? I mean, I DVR Days of our Lives, but that isn't really a soap so much as a way of life. Just sayin.


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