Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lemon Love

In my recent issue of Martha Stewart Living I found some interesting things that you can do with lemons.  I love lemons and usually buy too many and I thought some of these tips were great for two of my favorite things--living green and saving money!  There were other things you could do, but honestly, I don't have much copper or lace hanging around my house, and I didn't want to bore you.

Air Freshener: Simmer a half dozen lemon slices and a handful of cloves in a pan of water. Especially good for removing food odors.

Linen Whitener: Fill a large pot with water, and a few lemon slices, and bring to a boil. Turn of heat, add linens, and let soak for up to an hour. Remove, and launder as usual.

Household Cleanser: Mix half a cup of baking soda with enough liquid dish soap to make a paste.  Spread over half a lemon, and use it to scrub basins, bathtubs, and stainless steel sinks.

Stain Remover:  To remove berry, coffee, and tea stains from clothing, soak soiled areas in lemon juice for about an hour.  If some of the stain remains, dampen the area, make a paste of equal parts baking soda and water, and scrub gently.

Dishwasher Detoxer: Place half a lemon in top rack of dishwasher, and run it with dishes to freshen the appliance.  

Or you could screw all of the above and just do this:

Have a great day!!!


  1. WOW thanks for sharing such wonderful tips! I am not found of lemon but I am sure I could add something with the lemon for the air freshener.

  2. Great ideas! I like to put my used lemons in the garbage disposal too - freshens up that yucky area!

  3. Good ideas. I have been trying to find something besides bleach to whiten our socks . . .

  4. I love these tips, especially the one about whitening fabrics. I cannot deal with bleach (since I spill it on black pants every single time). And cleanign with a lemon for a sponge is also fantastic. I'm so glad I came to visit.

  5. Lemons are also great for freshening up the garbage disposal!

  6. Who knew you could do all that with lemons!? hey; at least we both gave Martha credit! I really wanted to leave her out of my post and have everyone think I was just really awesome and full of creative ideas..but, someone would find me out! ha

  7. Leave it to Martha to come up with that :) I think I prefer your solution...have a drink.


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