Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Funny

I've always wanted to put a peep in the microwave but I thought it would blow up and then I'd have to clean it.  Anyway, nothing much happens I guess.  Here is the most ridiculous video I could find about putting peeps in the microwave.  Wow.

At least only two peeps were harmed.....

Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!


  1. I saw that on Regis & Kelly today. They were talking about microwaving peeps. I had never heard of it before!

    Thanks for stopping by my Menu Plan Monday post. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to visit your blog, I thought I had responded earlier.

    Love your blog!

    Much love from NJ,

  2. I'm totally buying peeps tomorrow and am finding some sort of recipe to use them in!

    I'm also doing blogversations tomorrow. Come check it out. Its not the best or prettiest video, but it was pretty fun.

  3. That is too funny. Never heard of microwaving peeps before..

  4. You know, I've never really liked peeps. Marshmallows in general are not my favorite. But if I ever get some, they're going in the microwave! =D


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