Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trading Books Online

Yesterday in my "Crazy Eights" I posted that I traded a book online.  I had a couple questions about it and wanted to fill you all in!  I found out about a really cool site called Swaptree from Michelle.  I checked it out a couple of days ago and was really surprised at how neat and easy this site was.  

The first step is to collect some books, CD's, DVD's, or games that you are willing to trade. Then you get the ISBN off the back and enter it in to the "I Have" section of Swaptree.  Then you enter in books, movies, etc. that you want. Basically Swaptree matches it up and lets you know if there is a trade available.  

It is completely free but you do need to pay for shipping. There is an option to print your own label.  I did this and it was $2.41.  Then you just drop the package with the printed label into a mailbox. Pretty easy!

I love it because we had a lot of books lying around our house that we had no reason to keep and were just collecting dust and taking up room.  If sold at a garage sale we may have gotten 50 cents.  But by doing it this way I can get a book that I have been wanting.  Also, don't get discouraged if you enter in a book you have and they say there are no books to trade for.  That happened with a bunch of mine but within 24 hours 3 were available to trade.

If you want to know anymore information about it feel free to ask or check out the FAQ page. It's pretty helpful. 

Have a great day!!


  1. yay you're doing it! Seriously, my husband does it all the time! Every once and a while something weird happens through the trades, but all in all; he hasn't had any problems!

  2. how cool is that! I am going to check it out

  3. What a fun idea! I like keeping the books I read, but Husby goes through so many, it would be a great idea for him :)

  4. My friend uses BookMooch- which is kinda the same thing. I like the sound of yours though- a bit more sophisticated. = )

  5. Hi Ashley! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think yours is great.

    I can so relate to "living in a 50's housewife's body" as mentioned in your About Me section. I'm the same way. :-)


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