Thursday, April 23, 2009

Writing Assignment ~~ Book Review

A few months ago I was having trouble falling asleep. You know the wandering mind where you become obsessed about why you can’t fall asleep so you don’t fall asleep thing. Really annoying. So I started playing Sudoku before I went to bed. It helped for a while but then I totally mastered it and got sick of playing. Next, I tried crosswords but I’m not really smart enough for that. Then I thought I should read a nice not scary kind of boring book so I don’t want to stay up all night reading it.

Then I remembered this book I bought my mom a few years ago. It had the cutest cover and sounded like a nice mom book. Perfect. So I marched to the library and asked the cute librarian where I may find a book that I think was called Mitford but I wasn’t too sure. She got all starry eyed and told me it was her favorite series and that I would become addicted. Thing is…she's like 85. That got me a little worried. But then I didn’t want to hurt her feeling so I got the book.

Okay. These books are pretty cheesy. Well they’re actually really cheesy. However, I LOVE them. Totally not what I would normally read but the characters have completely consumed me. I wish I lived in a little town like Mitford and was a Rector’s wife and ate at the same coffee shop every morning. The stories are really endearing and sweet all around. When I read them at night it’s perfect because while they capture my attention it’s not like I can’t put it down. I find that at times I laugh out loud at the dorkiest things or cry when something happens to a character I like. The author, Jan Karon, does a really wonderful job of making the characters seem like friends. I go back to the library every time I’m done with a book because I want to see what happens to them next. I only have two books left in the series and I haven’t read one for 3 months because I don’t want it to end. So if you’re looking for a nice easy read you should give these a try. If after reading you feel a little like you just read an adult version of Mr. Rogers, well I told you so. But honestly, is that really that bad?

P.S.  I also did not order the accompanying cookbook off Amazon.  I swear.

P.P.S.  To check out more writing assignments and other book reviews go to Mama Kat's Blog!!

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  1. Ok you've piqued my curiosity and now I have to go the library and get started. I got started on a series a while back by Fern Michaels. I call them trashy novels because they have no literary value but man I couldn't quit them either.

  2. Nice I might have to check those out. Sometimes all I want is a book like that. I'm a sucker for cheesy stuff!

  3. I'm with curiosity is definitely piqued. Although I'm a little tentative as the 85 year old woman loves the books too... :)

  4. I love reading! Thanks so much for the link to the book reviews, I'm going to need to utilize that one! I'll have to check out this series, sometimes light and easy reads are nice when life is crazy.

  5. Cheers to cheesy books! haha. My husband just "swapped" a book I was supposed to be reading, but am not half way through (and its been a year), but a new book he wants. He uses Swaptree online where you can trade and swap books. I guess I probably never would have finished that book anyways....

  6. I agree - the books are a little cheesey but they make you feel good when you read them! My grandmother gave me a few of these to read a few years back so your post brought a smile to my face!

  7. I read the entire series when I was pregnant with my last son and flat in bed for 5 months. They really are quite charming.

  8. Stopping by from Mama Kat's! I am going to check these out...I'm always on the hunt for some light reading. They sound really fun and hey, I loved Fred Rogers...even AS an adult!


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