Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ahhh Yard Work

This weekend is one of the only weekends coming up where we have time to do some much needed yard work.  Project number one is to weed and mulch the flower beds.  Project number two is to dig a trench and then put some tubing in to re-direct the water away from the house.  I didn't think that that sounded life fun at all so I decided to mulch instead. However, as always I get dragged into hubby's projects too :) Oh and to top it all off we had to take breaks every 15 minutes to escape the storms. Yes, it's been a fun day.  So here are some pictures of what I've been up to this morning:

These pictures don't really do it justice.  I should have instead taken pictures of my disgusting muddy feet.  Although that might gross everyone out just a little.  Instead just take my work for it.  

I will post pictures of everything once it is done and not raining but here is a picture of my half done mulch so far.  I definitely think the brown looks better!

Okay here is where I need some advice.  What do you think could be done in this area to pretty things up a little.  Could I move the rocks?  Keep in mind it is Spring here in Michigan and the plants aren't pretty yet.  I like most of the plants, but I feel that they are a little random in placement. The rocks at the top are kind of in a half-moon shape in front of those little trees which I kind of like.  I think the rest is very scattered though.  Any suggestions?

Have a great rest of your weekend!!


  1. Dont take any advice from me! We dont have ANY landscaping! We'll be doing some yard work like you, and adding some landscaping pretty soon. One project at a time! Can't wait to see after pictures! You're so busy!

  2. I think you should leave the rocks there! They ad texture, and once the plants grow, they wont look so out of place. But I am certainly no expert, I love gardening, but don't seem to do it enough, its a bit hard to with the drought we have been having in South Australia!


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