Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Girl

After last week's very pessimistic post about things that I am sick of, I thought I would take another one of Mama Kat's suggestions and write about 10 things that make me happy!

1.  Having a house makes me really happy.  I love to keep it clean.  Yes I know I'm an oddity.  I like to decorate for the seasons and change things up too. Mostly though, I just like knowing that it's mine :)

2.  Blogging make me really happy.  I totally didn't expect to get such joy out of blogging when I first started.  It really has been something I look forward to everyday.  It's nice to have a way to document my life and I like that friends and family who I don't see all the time can read to keep up me!  And of course, I like all the blogs I read and the new "friends" I have met.

3.  Cooking.  This should be obvious.  I love cooking!  I like to make things for people as a sign of affection and my hubby loves it too.  Lets get real though....I mostly just like to eat.

4.  Gardening has recently became something that I really enjoy.  Since having a house I have loved getting to know different flowers and watching what everything turns into!  Here's a picture I took this morning out the window, because the weather isn't so good here today:

5.  I really like to read.  I come and go with how much I actually read, but when I get into a book I can rarely put it down.  I don't know why it takes me so long to actually start one.  I don't have a favorite but I am still really enjoying reading the series I wrote about here.  

6.  Babies also make me really happy.  I don't have any yet, but nothing can make be smile faster than a squishy little baby.

7.  Traveling.  I don't do it much, but when we do go somewhere it is so exciting!  I travelled to Europe for 2 months in high school, and I still have super fond memories of it.  I would love love love to go to Italy or back to the Dominican and lay right here:

8.  Menu planning makes me happy and also keeps me sane.  I know it's really weird that I would add this but I am able to save money this way by not wasting and make more unique and varied meals because I actually have time to plan them.  I also really hate going to the grocery store, so not having to go all the time makes me happy too :)

9.  My friends and family.  It sounds cliche but they really do make me so happy everyday. Whether it's my mom or my girlfriends, I love spending time with all of them.

10.  And the best for last.  My hubby.  He makes me the happiest.  I love all the time we spend together, especially the boring couch snuggles where he lets me watch all the Jeopardy and Real Housewives I want.

To check out what makes others happy or more assignments go see Mama Kat here!!!

Have a great day!!!!


  1. Looks like you and I have quite a lot in common. All of those things would make my list. The only difference is #1. My home really does make me happy but we don't own our own place yet, and so it's not "mine" quite yet.

  2. Those are all wonderful things to be happy about...I too can't believe how lucky I am. Blogging has given me such a great outlet to connect with so many people.
    Enjoy each and every aspect of what makes you is amazing.
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Great list! Makes mine seem a little self-indulgent though HA! And I can't believe I left blogging off of my list. Oh well...

  4. I have to say that I pretty much love everything on your list. Maybe I could just copy and paste? jk.

  5. Girl! I think we are twins! I do love menu planning....when I do it (I fall off the wagon) it is the best way to get a varied menu without waste! Oh and I love cleaning too (much to the kids frustration!)

  6. so far, the happy lists aren't as funny as the sick of lists, but they are making me happy!

  7. Yay for reading and travel! And I agree with decorating for the seasons. I love to do it too!

  8. thanks, i needed to read this today!

  9. You are nice and happy person

  10. What a sweet and happy post!!! I love to cook too.

  11. Great post! I'm here getting caught up on my blog reading...finally. Happy Sunday!

  12. Your post made me stop and think about what makes me happy. Your list covers it for me except I'd take out gardening and add in my cat!

    Hope your surgery and floor refinishing go okay and your hubby feels better soon.


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