Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sick Of

So today I decided to do an assignment from Mama Kat. I'm listing 10 things I'm sick of because I wanted to be a Debbie Downer today :) Just kidding, I'm not in a bad mood at all, but hey it's kind of nice to write down what you're sick of. I wrote it down now I'm moving on! Okay here's me complaining.

I'm sick of:

1.  Flies.  As I'm writing this one flew past my head.  We live in the country and they are everywhere!  Seriously, being originally a city girl this has been the hardest thing for me to get used to.  Maybe if I dressed up like this I could scare them away.

2.  Hearing about Twitter.  I don't care if people have it and there are some I even like to read. However, I think it's getting a little out of hand.  I don't need to know when you pee.  I don't think it's meant for all that.

3.  Hearing about the economy.  The more we hear about how bad it is, the more we worry. The more we worry, the more we don't spend money.  It's a vicious cycle.

4.  Tanning.  I'm in a wedding in a little over a week and the dress currently matches my skin color.  I never seem to have a problem tanning quickly, but for some reason it's not going so well this time.  I don't really like to tan and this is becoming very unfun.

5.  Texting.  Are you sensing an aversion to technology here?  I just think texting, like Twitter, is getting out of hand.  I don't think people talk anymore. I also think texting an entire conversation is a lot of work.  Why not just call me and we can discuss it in 5 minutes instead of spending 20 minutes typing it out. Oh, and have you heard of sexting?  I saw it on the Today Show the other day. all I have to say to that.

6.  Not being able to go the the beach.  It's still a little cold here.  But not for long!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7.  Feeling like I need to lose weight.

8.  Having giant cravings for things like this:

That's a peanut butter pie in case you were wondering. I think about them 24/7.

9.  Wanting to plan a vacation but not having the funds to actually do it because of annoying car/house things.

10.  Not having projects done in our house.  I want our bedroom to look like this:

There you go! I'm officially a big complainer! I promise tomorrow I'm going to have a very positive post :)

To check out more assignments go to Mama Kat's here!!

Have a great day!!


  1. Oh yes, I hate Flies too!! I hate it. I am sick of it too - why didn't I think of that on my list???

  2. I feel the same way about twitter, and flies, and tanning AND that peanut butter pie! HOLY CANNOLI does that ever look good! I don't read anyone's twitter yet. I mean, I am already ridiculously addicted to blogging, do I need to throw something else in the mix? I don't think I should! : )

  3. I'm with you on 5 & 7. Isn't it cathartic to just write about your pet peeves and then let them go?

    Good luck with the tanning. I don't tan, but sometimes I'm tempted when certain clothing is the same exact shade as my skin.

  4. I loved writing my list. Very nice to not have to complain anymore. Its out there for all to see. Also, yeah, twitter and finding mates over twitter (yesterday featured on CBS news) is weird. I like reading some, but really, its just a lot of information to take in.

  5. Where can I find one of those big, scary fly costumes?? The flies are driving me crazy too!

  6. I haven't even been to Twitter and likely will never be there, FB is enough and I'm already tiring of that.

    I also hate flies!

  7. Ah, I really don't like texting! Some people want to carry on entire conversations over text! I'm like--just call me!! So annoying.

    I love that bedroom! I want mine to look like that too!

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