Friday, March 13, 2009

My Lovelies

So last week was my birthday and my wonderful family sent me some flowers because they know how much I love them!  I thought I would be a big fat bragger and post them.  One, because I don't know what else to blog about today and two because I'm really tired of winter and these remind me of spring! 

Cala Lilies from my mama. She came from Ann Arbor to visit me and brought me loads of wonderful things from Whole Foods, including these beauties.

These ones are from my Hubby.  He was so sweet and took me out to dinner and had these waiting at the table before we got there.  I love him.  

These ones are from my mother in law who totally surprised me by sending these.  It was so nice!

Well, I'm off to buy a lawnmower.  Yippee!  PS, Sears is having some really good sales on lawn stuff today in case anyone else is in need.

Have a happy Saturday!

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