Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Decorating Dilemma

Yesterday I found this really fun blog called Serenity Now.  Right now she is hosting a Decorating Dilemma's party.  Basically you post pictures of problem areas in your house that you would like some decorating advice on. What a great idea!  

So, the part of my house that I struggle with is my kitchen.  Here's a couple of picture of what it looks like right now.  

I love how open it is because my house is not the biggest.  I feel like if it were more closed off, it would just block things in. I also like the white dishes...because...well that's what I have :) I don't really feel like buying new dishes, but I also kind of like the continuity of the white. However, it just seems kind of dull.  

Do you think I should put some stuff on top of the cabinet? I know there are some glass serving things up there now.  I don't really like that.  I feel like I either need more stuff...or less. Ahhh...these are the things that keep me up at night ;)

Also..what about this thing?

Do you think it would look better with bead board instead of frosted glass? It's not like what's inside is pretty or anything...

Anyway, I am open to any and all suggestions!  You won't hurt my feelings if you say change a lot!! Thanks in advance for the advice!

Too see more decorating dilemmas check out Serenity Now!!

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Have a great day!!


  1. Oh... I long for the day when I can have these dilemmas :)

    I have two thoughts about the frost-glass doors. One, you could make them cork boards and use them to post photos, lists, etc.

    Or, I saw this great idea yesterday -- which might look adorable in your white kitchen ( ... make them into a chalk board!

  2. I like the idea of the beadboard. And I do think that something on top of the cabinets would be pretty. Some things to add a pop of color would be great! I love the open concept of the kitchen too! And the oak with the white I love!

    Lou Cinda

  3. I think bead board would be amazing! Or chalkboards or cork boards or you could use sheet metal and make it a magnet...there is so much you can do there!

  4. I love your kitchen! It is stunning.

    I like the idea of chalkboard painting that pantry door or bead boarding.

  5. Very neat kitchen! I'd bead board the bottom of the pantry, but leave the top frosted {more in keeping with the rest of the kitchen}.

    For the top of your cupboards, that space is big ~ so go big! Maybe a big round piece of wall art {it looks like the roof peak is centered over the cabinets?} Or a collection of really tall & colourful {but empty} vases.

    Good luck! :)

  6. OMG, you do not know the GEM that you have in that kitchen! I would kill for the open shelves and the white & wood contrast. I do like the idea of covering the frosted glass on the pantry unit with blackboard spray. You could also pick out a really great fabric and cover with that. It would introduce a pattern into the space.

    Now your kitchen is leaning towards modern to me. I would be really careful about what you put on top of those cabinets. Make sure you don't use greenery or anything ornate. I would choose large glass apothecary jars with interesting fill (check Pottery Barn for some great ideas, but don't buy it there! They're too expensive!), maybe a platter or two leaned against the wall, or you could even hang a really cool piece of art above the longer stretch of cabinets. If you go the art route, I don't think you need a stitch of anything else up there.

    Pick an accent color, whatever you like just to help that kitchen pop. You've got a totally neutral palette to work with. Apple Green? Red? Cobalt? Get hand towels, a fruit bowl, a rug, etc.

    But like I said before I would die for your kitchen. It's SO Domino magazine!

  7. Hi, Ashley! Thanks for the compliment on the blog. :) I'm so glad you linked up.

    I think you have a GREAT kitchen. It does seem kind of bare above the one long cabinet, but Kendall gave you some awesome advice. Baskets, knick-knacks, and garlands will give it a more Country look, which is in contrast to the style of your kitchen.

    I like the idea of maybe painting your own large canvas to go above the cabinet, and either leaving it simple like that or putting a couple of large apothecary jars up there that you can change out the fillings with.

    Covering the frosted glass with chalkboard paint would be the easiest thing b/c it's already a hard and smooth surface, but beadboard would be really pretty too. :)

    I hope you'll join the "Show Me the Progress Party" next month to tell everyone about the decisions you made. :)

  8. Just another vote for a large piece of art in the expanse along the larger wall. Something colorful would look great and give you a jumping off points for other pops of color.

    If you want to make your white dishes pop a bit, you could always color the back of your kitchen cabinets, like here:

    She used adhesive gift wrap, so its not a permanent change.

  9. I would find a graphic wall paper and put it behind your shelves. Graphic as in a large print design. I love your kitchen!

  10. I like the modern, sleek look you have going on. I think the tops of the cabinets definitely need something. How about a tall vase or pitcher, maybe a basket, a pretty plattter, decorative glass jars or bottles? You need a pop of color, I think. And for the cabinet with the frosted glass, I like it as is but if you want to cover up the glass, you could use a pretty fabric or wrapping paper/scrapbook paper.

  11. Hey Ashley! I'm lovin' your blog!

    I love that your kitchen cabinets are stained and your shelves are white - LOVE THAT! You have so much room up on top of your cabinets. I'm totally jealous! I do think some color would look good up there.

    I have to say, I do not love the frosted glass. I think beadboard or beadboard wallpaper would look good. I also love the chalkboard paint idea and you can buy magnitizer to add into it. Did someone already mention that? I didn't read through everything.

    I love that you could go with any accent color you want. It's nice and neutral and GORGEOUS! Seriously, I LOVE IT!

  12. Your kitchen is beautiful! I'd maybe add some textured wallpaper or self adhesive wrapping paper in a nice soft color in the back of the cabinets so that the white plates and such will stand out.

  13. Ashley-

    I love your kitchen.

    I noticed three things in your close up picture. You have what appears to be
    1.bead board back splash
    2.dark appliances/counter top
    3.Natural looking lower cabinets.

    For your kitchen I think it would be nice to bring the 'natural' up to eye level, with maybe some baskets tucked into the cabinets to hold some of your dishes maybe the less used, or even napkin rings/napkins, smaller items.

    A natural colored stem-ware rack would add interest to the display.

    I agree with the chalkboard paint on the glass door/pantry.

    Your kitchen is leaning more modern but cozy too with the bead board and natural mixed.
    Without knowing the rest of your tastes in decorating. I'd say,

    DON'T CLUTTER up the top of your shelves with stuff. Instead ART , words (phrase,quote,etc) or a sign of some sort...depending on your style.

    'Happy Little Home' ...that's a very nice place to start.

  14. I really like the look of the frosted glass, but I am not sure I'd love it in my own kitchen because then I would feel pressure to make everything inside always look neat and tidy. Which, let's face it, it's not.

  15. Your kitchen is darling.
    Your white dishes are lost in the white cabinets. Have you thought about painting it black to enhance the dishes?
    I too love the chalkboard idea on the pantry doors.
    I think you need a picture oon the wall to the left of the cabinets that will bring in a bit of color to the area as well.

  16. Hi Ashley.
    I really like your kitchen. It is very eclectic which already makes it very interesting. I love the open shelves. My suggestion for over the cabinets might be a very large vintage looking round clock. Even maybe find a large ornate frame - one that is not a circle, square or rectangle. A unique shape. Paint the frame to match your open shelving and make a giant chalkboard and maybe write a large saying on it that you could change with the seasons. You could even write out the numbers to a special day. You could even just paint a interesting chalkboard shape right on the wall. I would go with just one large statement piece. As far as the frosted cabinets maybe put a fun scrapbook, wrap or wallpaper behind it so you can see the pattern through it. That might be fun and you could remove it anytime.

  17. I'm not sure if anyone else said this, but what if you put a few bright dishes or figurines or somehing in your cabinets, as well as on top? I like the whiteness and the cleanness, but it leans a little toward the bland because there's not really a focal point, a place for your eye to 'land,' so to speak. Another bonus of a few focal point pieces: it's not a big committment. You could shop your house, even. Good luck! Enjoy!


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