Friday, February 27, 2009

Got Me Thinking

Yesterday felt like a whirlwind day. It’s funny how you can go have so many feelings all in one 24-hour period.

Fear: My day started with needing to go to the basement to get something out of the freezer. Why is it that I need to run up the stairs like someone jumped out of the corner and is chasing me with an ax? Honestly, our house is new. We do not have a giant old scary basement with lots of little rooms. It is big and bright with windows. At camp when I was little someone told a scary story about someone breaking into their house and hiding in their basement, only to come up when they left the house. It’s forever imbedded in my brain. I think when I’m eighty I’ll be running up the stairs with my Life Alert the same way I do now.

Sadness: Someone close to me lost their job the day before yesterday. I want to help so badly but know that no matter what I do they are still being affected on so many levels. With everything you hear about the economy I feel like it has finally hit home a little for me.

Excitement: My hubby and I decided to finally take the plunge and get underground sprinkling. I am sick of trying to water the lawn. This is something I generally couldn’t care less about….but I don’t want to be the ugly house on the street anymore. We are the only house to not have it and I’m starting to feel like the ugly step-kid.

Love: I had a hard time sleeping last night. My racing mind wouldn’t calm down. The hubby of course is snoring away. Although, I think that even in his deep sleep he usually knows when I’m not. He reached over and held my hand, and I was out in no time. Such little things make me feel so blessed to be married.


  1. Ahhhh...I call this the Vegetable Soup of Emotions! I had to chuckle as I read of your cellar fear...whew! I am not alone! As for the love...perfection!
    Make it a good weekend!

  2. Funny how you can run the gamut of emotions in a 24 hour period, eh? Just wait til you're my can do it in a 15 minute time span! LOL Hello moodswings!

  3. Welcome to blog land. I'm glad you found me and read my blog. I am always stoked to meet new people. Can't wait to read more on your blog soon!

  4. One can definitely pray for our society during these difficult times. I will keep your co-worker in my daily prayers.


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