Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decade in Review

The lovely Lucy over at Lucy's Life did a wonderful post about her decade "in review".  I was amazed that she could remember all that so I thought I'd give it a try. I had such a hard time thinking of everything, but I'm so glad I did! Although I'm sure I missed a ton, this is nice to have :)  

  • Started my Sophomore year of high school.
  • Went to a bunch of NSYNC concerts.  
  • Was that all I did???
  • Turned 16 in Disney World.  Magical :)
  • Got my first car: a Ford Escort in Blue.  I loved it!
  • Went to see Dave Matthew's Band at Comerica Park in Detroit.
  • Continued my love of NSYNC by seeing them on the "Pop Odyssey" tour....twice
  • Started my Junior Year of high school.
  • Found out about 9/11 while sitting in my German Class. Horrible day for America.
  • Went to NYC for the first time and saw "Rent" & the "Lion King".
  • Went to Germany to visit an exchange student friend of mine for 2 months. We went to Paris, Amsterdam, and my favorite, Norway.
  • Started my Senior year of high school.
  • Very confused about where to go to college.
  • Graduated High School.
  • Saw Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead in concert as a graduation gift from my uncle.
  • Decided very very late to go to Grand Valley State University.
  • Lost my Grandma "Oma".
  • Started College.
  • There was only one girl in high school who I really had a hard time getting along with...she was my "suite-mate"....unexpectedly.
  • Went in to the dorms "blind", but met my wonderful roommate, Kerri, who I am still friends with now.
  • Met my future hubby and had a little crush on him but thought he was too "country" for this Ann Arbor girl.
  • Started dating a different guy who was the total opposite of me...some good, mostly bad :)
  • Went to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon with my Mom and LOVED it!
  • Developed my fear of driving in the snow after having to drive the 2 hour drive home from college for the holidays that actually took 6.
  • Went to my first rodeo with my future hubby and some other friends.
  • Snuck away to Chicago for the first time to visit "different guy".  We fought. But, I did fall in love with Chicago!
  • Decided that my major in college was to be "Hospitality & Tourism Management".  I loved it, but I wish I would have thought of something a little more practical.
  • Got really into my love of cooking and baking.
  • Ended relationship with "different guy".
  • Started dating the love of my life in August.  Best move ever.
  • Lost my Grandpa "Opa".
  • Went to NYC for 2nd time with my cousin and aunt during Christmas time. So cool!
  • Turned 21 while at Disney World/Caribbean Cruise with my roommate, Heidi.  
  • Moved out of college apartments and rented awesome historic house with friends.
  • Got engaged in October to my love.
  • Mourned the 10 year death of my dad.  Miss him everyday.

  • Moved into Hubby and I's first apartment.
  • Graduated College.
  • Got married to the love of my life in October.

  • Blessed to have a new family with two brothers, a mom, and a dad :)
  • Went to Punta Cana on our Honeymoon and had the most relaxing week of my life.

  • Moved out of our first apartment and bought a house.
  • Lost my job two days after closing on house...
  • Fulfilled a dream and started a new "job".
  • Celebrated our first anniversary by going wine tasting in Traverse City.
  • Started Blogging.
  • Did tons of home projects.  You can see some here and here.
  • Joined an Episcopalian church nearby.
  • Got baptized.
  • Celebrated our second anniversary by going to Washington State and Vancouver on Vacation.

Resolutions to come tomorrow!


  1. I'm so glad that you did this. So much fun. I love that 2000 is characterized solely by going to NSYNC concerts! Also, how cool that you and I both went to NYC for the first time the same year. So fun!

  2. Also - after reading this I can't believe I forgot to write about where I was when I heard about 9/11

  3. What a fun thing! I'm going to have to do one of these on my blog! Great idea!

  4. Great post! I just can't remember that far back. Hahaha

    Happy New Year!

  5. what fun to read about your recap.

    I didn't know you were a Michigander :)

    thanks for stopping by my recipe blog.

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